Yasir Hameed on the spot in new match fixing charges

Either a portion of Pakistan’s cricketers are somewhat sluggish or the Insight about the World are horrendous great. My cash on the last option. Cricket fans got up earlier today to the news that the paper has now got film of Yasir Hameed making affirmations about supposed debasement in cricket. The Pakistani batsman appears to guarantee that fixing of some depiction occurs in ‘pretty much every match’. The grainy pictures likewise seemed to show Hameed conceding that the Sydney Test among Pakistan and Australia was bad – a figure of £1.8 million was mooted (albeit the subtleties of how this aggregate was ‘procured’ and the way things were shared out was not satisfactory from the recording we’ve seen).

You’d figure Hameed would have known not to talk sincerely to outsiders

However evidently not. In any case, he’s not the main casualty of the Insight about the World’s MI5 style editorial ability. Sven Goran Eriksson got completely sucked in by the phony Sheik ploy a couple of years prior. In the meantime, Mazhar Majeed was sufficiently gullible to be found on camera counting a goliath heap of green sovereigns. Sven and Majeed are not blockheads – in this manner one can presume that the Fresh insight about the World secret correspondents are experts of camouflage and reconnaissance. Maybe they’d be better utilized as scares? Assuming that we put them behind adversary lines in Afghanistan, they’d likely track down Osama Receptacle Loaded in practically no time.

In light of a legitimate concern for reasonableness, we should bring up that Hameed has denied any contact with English columnists. Nonetheless, we’re not altogether certain if he’s accepted the way that the correspondents being referred to were covert – and in this manner wouldn’t precisely have been wearing their press identifications at the time they conversed with him. The Pakistan players really do appear to be somewhat gullible. You’d have figured they would have acknowledged at this point that the walls have ears. The last thing the crew required in the ongoing conditions was a player gloating about debasement to a man showing an undesirable interest in what was one of the most dubious test matches ever.

Regardless of whether the Insight about the World film is certified

The way that new charges have been made is all the more awful news for cricket. We were trusting that the impending T20 matches and the ensuing ODIs would return cricket to the news for the right reasons. In any case, our doubt is that this debasement embarrassment will currently endlessly run. Meanwhile, every time a Pakistan batsman has out playing a terrible chance, or a defender drops a catch, onlookers will take a gander at one another awkwardly and puzzle over whether it was conscious. Return and watch the gets Kamral Akmal dropped at Sydney (they should be on YouTube). Eye foreheads were raised at that point, yet damnation will be raised if something almost identical occurs in the following two or three weeks.

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