The South African Way to Play Online Casinos in South Africa in 2023

When it comes to Online Casino South Africa, the country’s history is just as essential as the casino at which you can wager your hard-earned money. Below is a list of the top South African online casinos where you can select, play, and WIN.

What is the current status of online casinos in South Africa?

Due to the precarious gambling environment in South Africa, numerous studies have been conducted to monitor the general public’s attitude toward gambling, and a 2006 study was able to pinpoint where South Africans are placing their money. In fact, the most prevalent forms of wagering in South Africa are the National Lottery (96.6% participation), slot machines (27.7% participation), scratch cards (22.7%), charity jackpot competitions (11.6%), and horse racing betting (11.6%). It is fascinating to note that slightly more than eight percent of respondents said they had never wagered, while 5.5% described themselves as occasional gamblers with no fixed preferences regarding the games they preferred to play.

Despite the stringent restrictions surrounding South African gambling, the aggregate gambling revenue for the 2006/2007 fiscal year was R13.52 billion, an increase of R2 billion from the previous year’s R11.1 billion. During the same time period, the National Gambling Board reported a total of 455 investigations and closures of illicit gambling establishments. Casinos accounted for 86.2% of this revenue, which is not insignificant.

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Various forms of South African wagering

Despite the fact that some forms of gambling are considered illegal by South African authorities, you shouldn’t lose out on the chance to indulge and treat yourself while visiting this magnificent, one-of-a-kind nation. In fact, despite the fact that there are a number of things you won’t be able to legally perform, you shouldn’t be deterred in the least, as the things you must forego are more than compensated for by the following:

The State Lottery: The South African National Lottery has been in existence for nearly two decades and has operated without interruption. (apart from a very short period between April and October of 2007). With an average of five million transactions per week, this prevalent form of wagering is by far the most popular in South Africa.

Terrestres casinos: South Africa is one of the few countries in the world where there are as many casinos per metropolitan area as there are in South Africa, where citizens enjoy wagering in their spare time. If you are passing through Johannesburg, you can’t go wrong by visiting the opulent Tsogo Sun Montecasino, where you’re guaranteed to have a good time while whetting your appetite for wagering.

Equine racing: Due to the fact that wagering on horse racing was the only legal form of gambling in South Africa until 1996, many South Africans hold this form of gambling in high regard. However, due to the complexity of the game and the difficulty of recruiting new participants, it has not been able to compete successfully with the National Lottery, which is much simpler to access and was introduced relatively recently.

Gambling’s Past in South Africa Casinos

South Africa’s Gambling Act of 1965 essentially outlawed all forms of gambling with the exception of wagering on horse racing, so the country’s gambling history is somewhat hazy. Despite this, casinos continued to operate at the end of the 1970s in the independent regions of Venda, Transkei, Bophuthatswana, and Ciskei, where a large number of indigenous South Africans resided. However, due to the aforementioned locations, the majority of citizens lacked adequate access to casinos. By 1995, there were approximately 2,000 illicit casinos dispersed throughout the nation. The new democratic government felt the only way forward was to legalize all forms of gambling, and in 1996 the National Gambling Act established a system of licensed casinos and a national lottery in response to the prevalence of the practice. In addition, the National Gambling Act attempted to provide distinct definitions for the variety of gambling concepts and outlined how the 40 gambling licenses would be distributed among the provinces so that everyone could participate. A National Gambling Board was established to better supervise and guide the South African Gambling Industry in order to regulate everything. In 2004, despite all previous efforts, a new National Gambling Act was passed, which undid all the progress made in 1996. Since then, in 2008, The National Gambling Amendment Act was introduced; however, this legislation has been beset by numerous conflicts and has yet to be enacted.

Gambling Online in South Africa


The National Gambling Act of 2004 prohibits both the provision of interactive gambling services and online gaming itself, so there is some ambiguity regarding what South Africans are lawfully permitted to perform when it comes to online gambling. Moreover, the restrictive legislation pertains to all online operators regardless of their location. However, this restriction only applies to casino games, poker, and bingo, as South Africans can still participate in online sports wagering and horse race betting. It is essential to note that the bookmaking industry is still legal in South Africa for those with the appropriate licenses and permits. Obviously, only participants of lawful gambling age in South Africa are permitted.


The National Gambling Amendment Act, which was published in the summer of 2008, was created solely for the purpose of legalizing interactive gambling across the country and regulating the market. Despite this commendable action, the Amendment Act was met with significant opposition from land-based casino proprietors who believed that online wagering would have a significant impact on their revenue. The Act has not yet taken effect as a result of their unceasing campaigning and heavy pressure on the government.


In fact, these factions are so intent on preserving their interests that, less than two years after the National wagering Amendment Act of 2008 was enacted, a North Gauteng High Court ruling prohibited even online wagering accessible through servers located outside of South Africa. With the exception of horse racing and online sports wagering, all forms of online gambling became prohibited. To discourage further participation in online gambling, casino websites, individuals, internet service providers, and institutions that process payments for online gamblers are subject to a R10 million fine or 10 years in prison.


Depositing and Withdrawing at South African Online Casinos

If you find a reputable South African online casino and you want to play for real money, you won’t be able to use your credit card to make deposits. However, if you’re a savvy gambler, you can always use third-party payment options such as prepaid cards and e-wallets. For more information, please visit our Payment Options pages and choose the payment method that best meets your needs. It is crucial to remember that not all online gambling must involve real money; in reality, you can have the best time ever playing for free with play money. If you opt for the latter mode of play, you are guaranteed hours of genuine enjoyment and can learn the ins and outs of your game of choice before spending large dollars. Here at CasinoTop10, we offer Free Classic Slots, Free High/Low, and Free Jacks or Better.

Online casino FAQs in South Africa


Are online casinos permitted in South Africa?

Casino games, poker, and bingo are prohibited in South Africa, but horse race wagering and online sports betting are permitted.


If I locate a reputable South African online casino, can I use my credit card to make a deposit?

No, credit cards are not accepted at South African online casinos; however, prepaid and e-wallet services are acceptable. Check out our payment options page for more information.


Is it prohibited in South Africa to operate as a bookmaker?

No, bookmaking is still permitted in South Africa, but you must have the appropriate licenses and permits.


Where can I locate mobile casinos in South Africa?

If you’re seeking to play at a licensed mobile online casino, you should visit our iPhone Casinos or Android Casinos guides, depending on the device you’re using. These will allow you to obtain all the necessary information and locate a casino that is compatible with your device.


What is the punishment for being discovered wagering online?

If you are discovered wagering online, you could face a fine of up to R10 million or ten years in prison.


The Top South African Online Casinos

Despite the difficulty of playing online casinos in South Africa, numerous efforts are being made to improve the situation, and many believe that the 2008 National Gambling Amendment Act will be enacted any day now, given how close it has been for so long. The best piece of advice we at can give you is to keep your eyes and ears open for any legal developments and to play at a Best Online South African casino whenever the opportunity arises. Obviously, given the current state of affairs, you should always ensure that the casino of your choosing has a solid reputation and that you are not handing over your hard-earned money to some unscrupulous character. Before making a decision, the best method to do this is to read evaluations about the casino and possibly read about other players’ experiences on casino message boards. Always keep in mind that choosing a casino requires as much consideration as purchasing a vehicle or a house. May the casino gods favor your endeavor.

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